Love in the Wild: Understanding Skunk Behavior and Control

Ugh! A skunk sprayed outside last night!

Many are waking up to this smell at this time of the year. It’s one of the clues that skunks are in the mood for love! Well, the males are. The females, if not in the mood, will try to drive their suitor off with her special brand of perfume.

Once he says the right things and washes the dishes a couple of nights in a row, she may agree to mating.

The lovely lady will be expecting for just over 2 months, and then she’ll give birth to around a half dozen babies. In our area, this will be around late April to May.

After the young are born, she’ll be looking to feed around 6, so she’ll be on the lookout for food. Pet food stored in the garage, garbage cans, grubs in the lawn or under the rose bushes… it’s all gourmet fare.

Now is the time to solve this annoyance before it becomes a half dozen smelly problems! Call Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control at 518-487-8282 for options on how to make sure your shed or deck isn’t the neighborhood love shack for skunks!