How It All Started

Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control was founded in 2017 out of a deep, unrelenting desire to do things differently. From the ground up, everything we do is unique; our people are highly trained and educated, our products continue to raise the industry standard, and our solutions are tailor-made for each of our customers. As a result, we can provide superior customer service and produce incredible results!

What Keeps Me Motivated

As a child, I spent all of my time in the woods and creek beds flipping over rocks and logs looking for critters. Fast forward a few years, and I now get to work outside with the animals and insects I’ve always played with growing up! As a bonus, I get to help our customers solve their pest and wildlife problems with solutions tailored to their unique needs. I love giving my customers the peace of mind they deserve!

What I Am Most Looking Forward To

As we continue to expand, our primary focus is to continue supporting our community, customers, and employees. Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control is an incredible opportunity to create something that lasts and is much bigger than ourselves. It’s a company that our families and our employees’ families can grow with for years to come.


Jacob Middleton
Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control

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The Upstate Pest & Wildlife Team
Front: Amber, Jake, Kayleigh
Back: Steph, Russ, Matt, Albert

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