5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★
361+ Reviews

5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★   361+ Reviews

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Founded in 2017, we provide pest & wildlife control services to families in Upstate New York.

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Highly trained and trustworthy, that's what makes our expert technicians so special.

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We are incredibly proud of the 5-star service record we've built in less than two years.

Our Pest & Wildlife Control Services

From pest control to wildlife control, you can trust the experts at Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control to get things done right! We specialize in combining the right people, products, and procedures to create a custom solution just for you. The reason we tailor our services to each of our customers is that unique problems require unique solutions. As a result, we can provide instant relief and long-term protection from pests and wildlife to our families, friends, and neighbors in Upstate New York.

Are you looking for another service? Please give our team a call at 518-400-0674!

Have crawling pests or rodents made their way into your home? Trust the experts at Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control to kick them to the curb! If you’re dealing with an existing pest problem at home or just want to protect your home from future infestations, our trained technicians can help. Our bi-monthly pest control plan is specifically designed to give you the instant relief you need along the long-term protection you deserve.

Have woodchucks, skunks, raccoons, or opossums made their way under your deck or shed? Unfortunately, these critters love making their dens right next to our homes! At Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control, we have a fantastic system for catching and removing these pesky critters. Best of all, we’ll seal common wildlife entry points, so they don’t come back!

In Upstate New York, we only get a few short, sweet months to enjoy our yards. Nothing can ruin that faster than tunneling moles commonly found throughout the area. Moles’ destructive tunnels run rampant over your yard destroying your grass and flowers. Luckily, Upstate Pest & Wildlife can solve your mole woes!

One of the most common home invaders in Upstate New York is mice and rats! While a majority of mice and rats invade business and homes during the fall and winter months, these rodents are often a nuisance all year long. Fortunately, our technicians are experienced in diagnosing the problem, thinking outside of the box, and coming up with solutions that make sense.

Do you hear running and jumping noises in your attic or between your walls? Chances are, you have a squirrel problem! Upstate New York is home to three species of squirrels, and they are all VERY different. Our team of experts is trained to remove them from your property and repair the mess they’ve made.

While bats are incredibly important for our environment, having them in your home is anything but pleasant. Not only do bat droppings cause damage; bats also make much noise and carry dangerous diseases. If you’re looking for a trusted source for bat removal in New York, Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control has the people, products, and procedures to get things done right.

Getting rid of carpenter ants is no easy task. They often have large, elaborate nests spread in and around your home. To eliminate them, the nests must be located, and the entire colony eradicated. Missing one could result in another carpenter ant infestation down the road. Luckily, the trained technicians at Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control can eliminate carpenter ants at the source!

When you stumble upon a bee or wasp nest in your yard, it’s tempting to hide inside. This is especially true if you’re allergic to bee and wasp stings. Our technicians are trained to safely remove bees, wasps, and other stinging insects without putting your family and four-legged friends at risk.

Everyone’s worst nightmare is bed bugs and for a good reason. If you and your family are tired of waking up to red welts, rashes, and hives due to bed bug bites, Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control can help. Our targeted bed bug treatment is safe and proven to get rid of bed bugs so you can rest easy!

Ticks and mosquitoes pose a massive problem in Upstate New York and show no signs of slowing down. Not only do ticks and mosquitoes ruin outdoor fun, but they also expose us to dangerous diseases such as Zika and West Nile Virus! To protect your family from these bloodsucking pests, give Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control a call. We’ll make your yard enjoyable once again!

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