5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★
361+ Reviews

5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★   361+ Reviews

Mole & Vole Control

Our Mole & Vole Control Services

In Upstate New York, we only get a few short, sweet months to enjoy our yards. Nothing can ruin that faster than tunneling moles and voles commonly found throughout this area. Moles’ destructive tunnels run rampant over your yard and voles eat your grass and destroy your flowers. Luckily, Upstate Pest & Wildlife can help!

Our Approach To Mole & Vole Control

At Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control we have a simple yet effective process that works to rid your lawn of these unwanted pests! The best part about this solution is that there is no guesswork. We will be able to tell you exactly how many critters we’ve removed.

1. Mole & Vole Inspection

Before we begin, we’ll walk your yard and diagnose where we think the mole and vole activity is freshest. This step increases our chances of catching the moles and voles.

2. Mole & Vole Trapping

A trained Service Professional will then strategically set up our mole and vole traps throughout your front and back yard to catch these destructive critters.

3. Follow-Up Trap Checks

Once a week for three weeks, we will return to your home to check the traps, and physically remove any captured moles and voles from your yard.

Why Choose Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control

From the beginning, we've had a culture of looking at things differently. We've carefully crafted and combined the best people, products, and procedures to ensure we do the best work for you. Our goal to WOW you with our superior service. Here are some of the benefits of being an Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control customer:

Integrity Is Our Foundation

You are trusting us to give you an honest assessment of your issue. We promise to do so without exaggerating the problem or fear mongering.

Tailor-Made Solutions

During your initial pest or wildlife inspection, we will provide you with a custom solution that makes sense for your budget and unique needs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our warranty is our word and our reputation. We are committed to rapidly responding to warranty-related issues if they arise. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know Your Mole & Vole Control Is Working?

During each of the follow-up visits, we will let you know exactly how many moles and voles we’ve trapped and physically removed from your property. We do this to demonstrate the effectiveness of our mole and vole control service!

Is Your Mole & Vole Control Safe For Our Children & Pets?

Absolutely! We know how important keeping your family and pets safe is to you, so we use subterranean traps for the moles and covered traps for the voles.

Save On Mole & Vole Control

Protect Your Yard From Destructive Moles & Voles For $600 Per Half Acre!

To protect your yard from moles & voles, call 518-400-0674 today!

Happy Customers


"Five stars is hardly enough to rate this company. If you're looking for professional, high-quality, fairly priced wildlife removal guys who are friendly, smart and loaded with integrity, Upstate Wildlife Control is the team to hire. I am proud to support local businesses and UWC is one business that I will recommend unconditionally to anyone in need of this type of service. . . . just the nicest guys you'll ever meet."

- Mji X


"I agree that 5 stars is hardly enough to rate this company. Jake and Matt are very professional. They called me back almost immediately, made an appointment for the next day. They came to do the work to remove the mice. They plugged up the entry ways, set traps and came back in 2 days to collect the dead mice. . . . They are very reasonably priced and extremely easy and pleasant to work with!"

- Ruth Smith


"Although others have said "5 Stars is not enough" after working with Upstate Wildlife Control, there must be a reason we all say it. Jake & Matt deserve a 10-star review. As a business owner myself, I can appreciate their time, expertise and pride in a job well done. On a personal note, they were outstanding professionals and went above and beyond to resolve this animal problem at our home. Thank You !!!"

- Mary Bulger

5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★
275+ Reviews

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